Loved the people and the atmosphere

I worked at Achieve Today full-time (more than 3 years)


I worked here for quite a few years and really enjoyed my time and the people I was able to work with. The management has great integrity and tries very hard to take care of its employees. They are always giving out small bonuses and gift cards and it makes it a lot of fun. We also had a lot of company parties and get togethers for each holiday. Christmas was always an excellent company party. At Thanksgiving we were all given gift cards to grocery stores to buy Thanksgiving dinner. Halloween was a chili cookoff with pumpkin pie and root beer! And the summer party was a big family event where they would rent out a wave rider and Lindon pool.
I loved the people we associated with every day and the focus of the company. Our job was to find people to help and then bring them aboard. It was truly a good feeling. I stay in touch with a few people at Achieve Today and I hear its only gotten better!


The only reason I left was because I decided to stay home with my children. Our family was growing and I wanted to be there with them and the hours at Achieve would have been difficult.

Advice to Management

Always continue to improve and never forget the core values of the company. Take care of your people like you have always done and stretch to do more every day.


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